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How do I care for my beautiful flowers?

Bouquets: Remove all packaging, except twine. Cut stems on a slant with a sharp knife or secateurs, this ensures there is plenty of surface space on the stem to absorb water. Place in fresh, deep water using the flower food provided. We recommend refreshing the water every day in the wet season and every second day in the dry. Fresh water will ensure no bacteria is absorbed and gives your florals the environment to live their best lives. Re-cut stems each time the water is changed.

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Flower Care Information

Arrangements in foam: Whether your arrangement is in a box or a ceramic dish, make sure your florals are topped up with fresh water daily. 

Flower Care Information Page

Tips & tricks for all: As flowers start to perish, remove dead or dying heads as they produce a gas that will pass on to the other flowers and kill them off quicker (pretty shady hey?) ... Talking of shade; keep your blooms out of direct sunlight & also away from any heat or draughty spots (not directly under aircon or in front of a door that's often open). Keep your flowers away from fruit as they also have a gnarly gas that speeds up the ageing process of your blooms. 

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