I'm Jenna and I am The Broome Florist.


Nine years ago I hopped on a plane and travelled all the way from Scotland, straight to Broome and started working for the OG Broome Florist the next day. VALENTINE'S DAY!


I was thrown into one of the busiest trading days of the year, after 30 hours of travel, in a different country, coming from a snowy -1 °C to a super humid 38 °C. 9 years on I, own the business and continue to create florals in Broome.

My passion is creating florals for weddings and events. I have been lucky enough to create incredible florals for hundreds of weddings and events each season and over the years I have been part of some real kick-ass events!


Some of our clientele include Paspaley, Shinju Matsuri Festival, Broome Polo, and Broome Races, to name a few, and not to mention some A-listers and VIPs!


I'm so proud of what my talented team and I have achieved over the years. We love what we do and we hope that others do too.

                 Jen xoxo