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Luxe Lovers Bouquet

Luxe Lovers Bouquet


Romantic themed florals in pinks, purples & reds. May include pink/purple roses while stock last. 


Rose information! Please read!

This Valentine’s Day, for the third year running, we have made the decision to boycott the traditional red rose. With the crazy price increase of roses in general, never mind Valentine’s prices, we feel that it is scandalous to sell roses at the price we would need to just to break even. 

This day puts huge strain on growers, which means the quality & longevity of the roses are comprised, growers cutting and chilling the blooms to almost freezing point sometimes 2 weeks before the big day! With all this in mind, plus our Northern temperatures and added chances of them “dying” in transit, we would much prefer to sell you a bouquet of quality, lasting blooms that have been tried and tested in our hot & humid climate to give you the biggest bang for your buck! We will have limited amounts of different coloured roses, but only while stock lasts & they will be mixed with other blooms. 

Thank you for unde

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